High-Speed Downhill Thrills Can Be Yours on Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster!

The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is one of the most unique attractions in Gatlinburg, TN – and here’s why:


You Control the Speed on the Mountain Coaster

Our track runs through some amazingly beautiful parts of the Smokies, with chances to see natural wildlife all around you as you ride. Thanks to our totally silent track, you may very well see some wildlife up close and personal. One way that we make the Mountain Coaster fun for all our riders, and give you the chance to drink in the beauty of the mountains, is to let you control the speed.

When you come to the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, you can choose a single rider or double rider cart. Every cart is equipped with a simple brake system that we’ll show you how to operate – no special skills required. As you ride, you can use the brake to slow your ride down or ignore it entirely for a fast-paced thrill down every hill and around every turn.


You Can Ride the Mountain Coaster in the Rain or Snow

Have you ever been on a roller coaster in the rain or snow? It’s a whole new type of thrill. Our specially designed track allows you to try out something new when you come to visit Gatlinburg. Cruise through the mountainside no matter the weather and enjoy a fun outdoor event even in the winter. Just bundle up and head out for a unique way to experience Gatlinburg.


Take a Magical Ride After Dark!

Another way that the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster differs from other outdoor attractions in Gatlinburg, TN, is that we don’t shut down after dark. The track is lit by thousands of fairy lights when the sun goes down, so you can take a magical ride even in the dark. Bring your sweetie for a romantic date that gets your blood pumping, or enjoy a roller coaster from a whole new perspective on your own. We offer special rates for child/adult combos and large groups, so don’t be shy! If you ride during the day, bring your receipt back later that night for a discount on ride number two.


Find Us on Social Media with #CoasterMoments

We love sharing your #CoasterMoments with our followers. You can find us on Facebook or Instagram to share your photo from the track. Didn’t bring a camera with you? Not to worry. Our on-track cameras take great photos as you zoom by. You can buy a souvenir photo at our website, so you never forget your time on this unique attraction. When you roll to the end of the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, you’ll find yourself right by the Gatlinburg Strip, where you can easily get to plenty of great food and other attractions in Gatlinburg, TN. Make the coaster a must-see part of any vacation.