Make Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster Your Go-To Activity When Entertaining Friends

When you’re trying to come up with a go-to move for impressing newcomers to your area, it can be tough. Many of the great things close seasonally, or aren’t available at all when the weather is bad. But you want something that will make it easy for you to be a good host. That’s where the Mountain Coaster comes into play.


The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster’s Unique Design


There are many unique things about the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster that set it apart from your average roller coaster. For a start, the track is designed to be silent so that you can get a glimpse of animals as you race through the heart of the mountain. The cars, which are solo or duo cars, can be controlled by a brake on the car – so you can go as slowly or as quickly as you like. The coaster is also designed to run nonstop, even during rain or snow, and even when it’s dark out.


All of this means that the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster will always be there for when you need to impress a guest. It’s nighttime when they arrive? No problem! The mountain coaster will be lit up with fairy lights and still running!


Attractions in Gatlinburg That Are Fun for Everyone


Another problem that good hosts often run into is catering to everyone’s tastes when you have a group. This is why the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is perfect for a go-to entertainment choice. People who wish to zoom through the skies can forget the brake exists. People who don’t want quite so much speed can sit in a different car and control the speed themselves.


Additionally, who doesn’t want to remember themselves having a blast? Those who love social media and sharing will be happy to know that Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster has its own hashtag: #CoasterMoments. Share your picture with that and you may be featured on the company’s Instagram or Facebook.

Riders of All Ages Are Welcome


The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is open to any rider at least 38 inches tall. At that height, a child can ride in a dual car with their parent or guardian alongside. At 54 inches, a child can choose to ride solo! You don’t need any special knowledge on how to work the brake, so it’s easy for younger visitors to catch on to how to enjoy the coaster!  And because everyone loves the coaster, it’s a great way to entertain families where the children have a major age gap.


Make the Mountain Coaster Your Go-To


No matter who is visiting you, what time of the year it is, if it’s daylight, or if your friends are fond of coasters – the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster has a way around each of these excuses. That’s why entertaining here should be your go-to move.