What’s a #CoasterMoment? Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster Memories

“Whee!!” The exclamation escapes your lips involuntarily as you race down the mountainside, wind in your face, hair flying behind you. One hand grips the side of the roller coaster car as you bank into another curve and drop into the next incline. The other hand is firmly affixed to your cell phone, videoing the whole adventure. You feel yourself smiling from ear to ear and actually feel a little silly about it…but you can’t help it. This is fun! As you exit the ride at the bottom, you hit stop and quickly post your video to Facebook and Instagram. You’ve just created your own #CoasterMoment!


Winter Fun in Gatlinburg

If you’re planning a trip this month to Gatlinburg, TN, you’ll want to schedule time to ride this amazing mountain coaster and create a #CoasterMoment to share with friends. Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is one of the original roller coasters in the area, and many feel it’s on the list of best things to do in Gatlinburg. What better way to show off your adrenaline-junkie side than with a video of your ride down the mountain?


What is a #CoasterMoment?

A #CoasterMoment is your own personal experience on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster. It can be a picture of your friends and family on the ride, a view from the top of the ride, the track in front of you, a selfie just before you take off…anything associated with your ride, really. A video is great material for a #CoasterMoment. Video the ride down, or video the expression on your face as you go…it’s all good. And as long as you use the hashtag #CoasterMoment when you post to Facebook or Instagram, your pictures or video will be categorized along with the #CoasterMoments of everyone else who’s ridden and posted before you. You become a part of the club. You could even go viral!


Safe for Everyone to Ride

This Gatlinburg roller coaster is safe for everyone to ride, regardless of age or ability. Our lift takes you to the top of the mountain so you can strap yourself into the car and get ready for your ride down. Ride by yourself or with a buddy – two in the selfie makes it better! You’re strapped in and you control your speed on the way down. Go as fast or as slow as you’re comfortable with. Just don’t drop your phone on the way down!


We Want to See Your #CoasterMoment

We enjoy seeing all the pictures and videos our customers post using the hashtag #CoasterMoment. We’re open 7 days a week, rain, snow or shine, so come visit today and create your own #CoasterMoment memories. Then post them on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag so that we – and the rest of the world – can enjoy them along with you. We can’t wait to see them!