Can’t Do Stairs? No Problem! Our Lift Takes You to the Top of the Mountain

The mountain coaster in Gatlinburg is a perfect outing for someone who wants to experience the beautiful views and fresh air of the Great Smoky Mountains but cannot manage stairs or uphill walking. With an uphill lift system and no long staircases, you can enjoy a relaxing trip to the top of the mountain and the start of the ride without any strenuous movement. From the top, enjoy sensational views of Gatlinburg attractions and the Smokies without having to climb a mountain.


A Mountaintop Panorama without Any Hills or Climbing

Our lift system makes it easy for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the famous mountain coaster in Gatlinburg. Make your way up the ramp to the lift and then use the ride to gaze over Gatlinburg and beyond to the late autumn colors or Smoky Mountain snow. Once you are seated in your individual car, get ready for an unparalleled panorama of the entire area.


One of the best parts of the coaster not offered by other Gatlinburg attractions is the ability to enjoy the ride by yourself. The coaster works entirely by gravity, meaning there are no lift chains to tie you to other cars and you control your speed with your own set of hand brakes. This allows you to experience the thrill in a one- or two-seater car at your own pace.


Ready for a thrill? Keep your hand off the brake and speed downhill as fast as 35 miles per hour! Want to take pictures, admire the scenery, or pause to see a bird or woodland creature? Just apply the brake and go at your own pace. Without the need for machinery, the coaster is completely silent for you to enjoy the quiet forest…or scream as loud as you can!


Gatlinburg Attractions Are Sure to Make Memories

Bringing a friend, family member, or grandchild? You can choose a two-seat carriage and go down the track together. Children as young as three can ride with an adult, and once you are over 16, you can sail down the track by yourself.


A camera will catch your smile, shriek, or funny face and you can pick up a copy of the photo at the bottom for a souvenir of your fun day out together. There are also plenty of other choices for keepsakes at the gift shop.


Plan ahead and receive an early bird discount for purchasing tickets for the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg online. There are multiple options for ticket packages, including single rides, parent and child, or two adults. All of these combinations cost 20 percent less when booked on our website.


Two other tickets are worth considering. A second ride down the coaster costs only eight more dollars, or you can book an All Day Pass, good for as many rides down the mountain as you can manage in one day. Beat the crowds with a morning ride, go down a few more times in the afternoon, and return for an unforgettable No-Brakes Night Ride. Twinkling lights alternate with complete darkness on night rides, sure to be an experience you talk about for a long time.