Create Fun Family Photos on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

Vacations, holidays, and the good times go by so fast, don’t they?

Sometimes it seems like the more fun you’re having, the faster time passes. Even our memories seem to fade in response to all the fun – when the good times are rolling, we are too busy enjoying ourselves (and rightly so!) to keep track of all the details we’d need to remember things with perfect clarity and accuracy.

Enter: cameras! Yes, photography has been helping us overcome our memory limitations for generations, and it’s even given us opportunities to spread our creative wings.

How About Some Really Exciting Family Photos?

The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is the perfect opportunity to take fun, unique family photos. Great photos can be taken anytime; with all the fun things to do in Gatlinburg, all you need is a few poses and some upbeat smiles. Exciting photos, though, are a little bit more complicated to set up. You’ve got to set the right scene and capture that perfect, one-of-a-kind moment. Alright, you’re ready to go – but who is going to hold the camera?

Let this mountain coaster in Gatlinburg take all the tough shots. As you head down the mountain at top speeds, there are cameras to grab a shot of you and whoever you’re riding with as you experience the excitement firsthand. When you finish your ride, you can pop in to the mountain coaster’s shop and preview your photo. If you like what you see, an original print of the photo is only $11, and duplicates are just $8. Not bad for a genuinely unique memory!

Don’t Forget About Selfies!

These days almost everyone has a camera in their pocket, and good thing, too! We’re uniquely equipped to take shots of our best moments, whenever and wherever they may occur. As you enjoy capturing cell phone shots of all the cool things to do in Gatlinburg, don’t forget to plan to do just that while you ride the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg!

Yes, really – while it may not be advisable to whip out your phone as you’re doing top speeds down the mountain, this mountain coaster in Gatlinburg is specially-made so that you can put the brakes on whenever you want. Ride as fast as you can up to a lookout point, then pull the brake and grab a selfie of yourself (and the friend or family member you’re riding down with!) on the coaster, framed by the beautiful vistas and lush foliage of the Tennessee wilderness.

Don’t forget to share it when you’re done, either. Join the community of coaster enthusiasts on Facebook and Instagram by sharing your photos and tagging them with the hashtag #CoasterMoments. There are plenty of things to do in Gatlinburg to keep you busy, so plan your ride today, and you’ll be ready when it’s time to share the memories of a lifetime!