Cuddle Up and Hang on Tight! This Mountain Coaster Flies!

Oh! The weather outside is delightful, especially if you like a healthy nip in the air as the holidays approach. But, along with the holidays comes days of shopping, cooking, cleaning, and more. It might start out as fun for the first week after Thanksgiving, but by the time week two rolls around, you need a break. It’s winter, so many of the attractions in Gatlinburg that you and your partner like to hang out at are closed. However, the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg is open all year round.

Wait, the Mountain Coaster in Gatlinburg is Open?

Yes, the mountain coaster is one of the few outdoor attractions in Gatlinburg that is open all year round. We have two-seat cars that are perfect for you and your loved one to ride together. Our carts have fore and aft seating that let the one in the back cuddle up and hang on tight to the person in the front seat. Make sure the “driver” doesn’t use the brakes so the person in the back has to cuddle tighter! During the day you can see for miles out over the city of Gatlinburg and the surrounding mountains.

After the sun goes down, it’s time to slow the pace down and control the speed of your ride on the mountain coaster. Take your time on the way down and enjoy a romantic trip down the mountainside at night as you wind your way through the thousands of miniature lights used to illuminate the track. Of course, you can always let go and hit maximum speeds of up to 35 mph on the way down. When you get going this fast, the thousands of tiny lights turn into a virtual tunnel of light.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

This time of year, it gets pretty cold up here in the Smokies. Going down the track at anything more than a crawl can be a chilling experience even if you are dressed warmly (something you should do anyway). The cold air and wind can make it feel even colder than it already is, which is yet another excellent reason for you to cuddle up together and share a little body heat with each other on the way down.

Thinking about bringing the kids for a snow-filled ride on the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg? Be sure you dress them warmly and keep the hot cocoa flowing. But most of all, be sure to cuddle them from behind and hold on to them tightly on the ride down. Your kids are going to love the ride; you can take the time to let them look for bunnies and any other creatures that live near the track. It’s a great way to create new family memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

Keep in mind that this is one of the few outdoor attractions in Gatlinburg that is open all year long. From sunny days in July to the snow-filled holidays, you and your family can come out anytime to ride the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg and enjoy a great time together out in the fresh air.