Any Day is a Great Day to Ride Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

It’s hard to predict exactly when your schedule will open up for a fun day exploring all the things to do in Gatlinburg. It’s never any fun to finally play hooky only to realize that everything you want to do is closed for the day. That’s why the Gatlinburg roller coaster is open seven days a week, so you will always have an amazing ride waiting for you.


Ride the Gatlinburg Roller Coaster Any Day of the Week

Whether you are enjoying a weekend away from the office, a vacation day to get away, or you just decided to take a mental health day, the Gatlinburg roller coaster is the perfect way to shake off your workday blues. Relax on the lift to the top of the ride and soak up the views of Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains. When you get to the top, choose a single-occupancy car to enjoy a solo ride, or bring a friend and hop in a double-occupancy car for a ton of exhilarating fun.


Don’t Forget a Picture!

Don’t forget to commemorate your ride with a souvenir picture! Many of our riders bring GoPros or other point-and-shoot cameras to record their journey on the Gatlinburg roller coaster. If you do the same, share what you captured with the #CoasterMoments hashtag on Facebook and Instagram. You can also purchase a picture from our cameras, which capture you as you speed by on the Mountain Coaster.  


Bring the Whole Crew to the Gatlinburg Roller Coaster

The best part about the Gatlinburg roller coaster is that you can take advantage of it when it’s convenient for everyone in your family. Is the best time to get in some family time on a snow day? That’s ok! Just bundle up and hitch a ride on our lifts. You can ride in the rain, snow, cold, or heat, without any problems. That’s what makes the Mountain Coaster one of the best things to do in Gatlinburg.


Maybe the best time for your fun family reunion activity is first thing in the morning – that’s great! A thrilling ride on the Mountain Coaster is better than a cup of coffee for waking you up. What if you are night owls? That’s okay too! The coaster runs after dark, with thousands of magical twinkling lights strung along the track making your ride even more special.

You Control Your Ride  

The Gatlinburg roller coaster is unique because it allows riders to control the speed of their cart. Go slow if you aren’t fond of fast turns and twists, and you’ll get to see some amazing views. Our silent track won’t scare away birds and other wildlife, so you may even see something pretty incredible. On the other hand, thrill seekers can forget the brake altogether and careen around the track (up to 35 mph). The 360 turns, crazy twists, and unexpected surprises will keep you on your toes any day you come in.