Don’t Look Now! That’s You Riding Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster!

If you are looking for a few fun things to do in Gatlinburg, TN, there is plenty here for you to enjoy. But for the thrill seeker in you, nothing beats the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster for self-paced fun. Okay, so there is no huge climb to the first drop like the 456-foot one at Kingda Ka at Six Flags, and you certainly won’t hit the 128-mph speed at the bottom of this drop, but that is not the beauty of this coaster.

Self-Paced Pleasure

The beauty of the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster lies in the fact that the only things that control how fast or slow you go are gravity and your control of the brakes. You get to set the pace from the top to the bottom. Why you can even stop along the way to enjoy the scenery or snap a few photos of the forest and if you are lucky some of its local inhabitants.

You could never do this if you were hurtling down the track at 128-mph, could you? In fact, you aren’t even allowed to take a camera on those coasters with you, for your safety and that of others. Of course, you can leave the brake off and see how fast you can go and forget about taking pictures on your first trip down on the Mountain Coaster. You can always take another ride if you really want to take pictures.

No Long Climb

While one of the biggest thrills of most standard coasters is that long clackity-clack climb to the top of the first drop, you won’t find this here. The cars are already at the top of the ride, 2,500 feet up the side of the mountain. The cars use the force of gravity and nothing else to propel you through rolling hills, drops and bends before you finish. Top speed is 31 mph, but you decide how fast or slow you take the ride.

You don’t even have to climb up to the starting point, there is a special lift that takes you 780 ft. up the side of the mountain. There are one and two-person cars available, each of which is equipped with hand brakes designed to let you control your speed all the way down.

Open All Year Round

Who says roller coasters are just for summer fun? The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is high on the list of things to do in Gatlinburg all year round. During the summer months, you can enjoy the local flora and fauna. But, if you really want a thrilling experience, you need to take a ride on the coaster when the snow is coming down. Since the coaster runs on nothing more than gravity, the ride from top to bottom is virtually silent.

Can you see yourself gliding down the track in silence as the snow falls all around you while tickling your nose on the way down? While there may be many other things to do in Gatlinburg, none comes close to the amazing year-round fun to be found on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster. Buy your tickets online and then come on in and bring the whole family.