The Early Bird Gets the Worm…Or the Discounted Ticket. Purchase Tickets Ahead of Time and Save

Have you ever waited in line just to get a discount?

Sometimes deciding whether to get an early bird discount is a pretty quick calculation: something costs a certain amount of money normally, but it’s quite a bit less if you’re early, and you only have to see if you’ve got enough time to spare. You do the math, and voila! You’re waiting in line, and a great deal is in the works.  

Less Math, More Gatlinburg Attractions

What if you could get an early bird discount without the early bird wake-up-at-dawn-and-wait-in-line routine? What if it meant a discount and less time spent at the ticket office? It might seem too good to be true, but the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is offering just that.

Not Just a Penny Saved Here

How can you get the discount? It’s actually really easy. Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster riders who want a 20% discount on their ride — yes, really, a whole 20% — just need to buy their tickets online before they show up at the coaster. That’s all it takes; head on over to Purchase Tickets and select the option that works best for you. How’s that for an easy way to get a jump on all the Gatlinburg attractions you’ve got planned?

I’ve Bought My Early Bird Ticket, What Now?

We know a discount can be exciting, but now you’re about to get a serious adrenaline rush. Just bring the proof of your ticket (that we’ll send to your email) to the ticket counter, cash it in, and head on up to the top of the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster! The ride actually starts with a lift that takes you up through the woods of Tennessee until you reach the peak of the coaster. Once you reach the beginning, it’s all downhill from there, as fast as you’d like!

No More Waiting – It’s Time to Ride!

There are plenty of Gatlinburg attractions where you’ve got to take your turn; the region has been a popular vacation destination because of all the fun stuff that’s on offer, which can mean there are plenty of people in any given line.

Once you’re riding the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, though, you can take things as quickly or as slowly as you’d prefer. It’s time for your speed, whether that’s a steady cruise, or a full-tilt, let ’er rip, cowabunga ride down the course. The coaster reaches top speeds of around 35 mph, so you’ll definitely feel the wind in your hair. Or should we say “feathers,” you wild and crazy early bird?