Enjoy a Family Fun Day with Our New All-Day Pass

Every parent has heard this request before, and it’s a single word: “Again!”

It first began with piggyback rides or pushes on the swing, and even when the kids are a little older and have more to say, the meaning hasn’t changed. “I want to do this all day,” they think, “but they’ll never allow that.”

And wanting more – and kidding a bit to get it – is perfectly human, and certainly not limited to childhood. After all, who hasn’t told themselves “just one more bite” when they knew that it was going to take at least three or four more bites before they were able to let go of the pint of ice cream?

Now You Really Can Have More – On This Mountain Coaster!

Plenty of Gatlinburg attractions only give you one experience for your ticket price, and that’s just fine. All things considered, there’s only so many times you can see a museum or a show, and sometimes when you try something really exciting, well, a break afterwards is in order.

For true speed demons, though, one ride on a mountain coaster just isn’t enough. That’s why the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is introducing their new All-Day Pass, a pass that entitles you to unlimited rides over the course of a single day. Are you ready? Buckle up!

Now They Can Finally Go Again…and Again!

A day out on one of the most thrilling Gatlinburg attractions is absolutely not a day like any other. When you no longer have to worry about the fun coming to an end right away, you and your family can really relax and lean in to those Smoky Mountain breezes.

Take a slow ride and keep your eyes peeled for any wildlife nearby – you’re riding through the Tennessee woods, after all – or take a moment to check out the view, then head back up and take a second ride that gets you downhill as fast as you can. It’s your family’s day out, each mountain coaster car has handbrakes that a rider controls, and it’s your call!


Keep in mind: All Day Passes are non-transferrable (you can’t let family members borrow your pass), and are only good for a single day.

When Your Family Has the Need for Speed…

There’s a little-known secret about speed demons: they travel in packs. Family packs, in fact. Maybe it’s genetics, maybe it’s just a case of “birds of a feather,” or maybe it’s a little of both.

Regardless of the reason, families on the hunt for Gatlinburg attractions to feed their need tend to end up at the fastest gravity mountain coaster in the Smokies, and boy, oh boy, is the brake on that mountain coaster wasted on them! Just grab the handholds, hold on tight, and let the speed demon in you take over!