Everyone Loves a Discount! Check Out Our Ride-Again, Same-Day Discount

What’s better than a good deal on your first ride on our mountain coaster in Gatlinburg? Getting a discount on another mountain coaster ride on the same day. “Wait! Did you just say we can get a discount on a second ride the same day?” Yes, that is exactly what we are saying. You get to have even more fun for less of your hard-earned cash.

How to Have Fun in Gatlinburg

No matter which of the many attractions in Gatlinburg you go to, it seems as though they want full fare every time you go through the line, ride the ride, run the slopes, or whatever else they have to offer. If everyone in your family wants to go for a second run through, things can get expensive very quickly.

Here at the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg, we want you and your family to be able to have as much fun as you want without breaking the bank. To do this, we offer everyone our “Ride-Again, Same-Day” discount. Once you purchase a single-ride ticket (currently, $16/single rider), you can buy a second ticket for a discounted price (only $8/person!). This way everyone gets to enjoy mountain coaster rides at night when the experience is completely different.

But What if You Want More Than Two Rides?

With our Ride-Again, Same-Day discount you get one more ride for a reduced price (you really can’t beat this!). But what if you want to ride our mountain coaster in Gatlinburg more than twice? We have a couple of different options based on how much time you have and how many mountain coaster rides you want to go on.

The first is our unlimited one-hour pass. For only $30, it allows a single rider to take as many trips down the mountainside as they can or want to within the space of one hour. For the avid fan who wants to make the most of an hour, this is the perfect deal.

For the serious rider, we also offer an all-day pass ($50) that lets you come and go as you please for the entire day, ride the mountain coaster five times, ten, fifteen, twenty, go fast on some rides and slow on others, so you have time to take a few #selfies to post to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

On the way down, we have a professional photographer taking pictures of everyone. Be sure you stop in our gift shop when you’re done. We have a fantastic selection of Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster apparel including tees and sweatshirts for you to choose from. Select from a selection of great souvenirs and when you are all done, be sure you stop by the photo desk.

Here you can pick up a copy of the professional photograph taken on your way down for only $11. You can also buy additional copies for your family at $8 each to let them see just how much fun going down the mountainside can be! Visit the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster and take advantage of the many discounts we offer for more mountain coaster rides every day.