Exciting Gatlinburg Roller Coaster Fun for Your Family Vacation

Have you ever had trouble finding attractions in Gatlinburg, TN, that the whole family loves? The search is over! The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster offers the perfect way for everyone to enjoy a thrilling ride, a stunning view, and a great memory.

Who Can Ride the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster?

In order to ride the Mountain Coaster, children must be at least three years old, and must be at least 38” tall. Kids who meet these requirements can ride with an adult in our double-occupancy cars. Kids who are over 56” tall can choose to ride in one of the single-occupancy cars if they wish. All cars have safety harnesses and lap belts, and the whole family will love choosing how to pair off or ride alone.

Should I ride alone or with a family member?

Whether you choose to enjoy the coaster on your own or together likely depends on one thing: how fast you love to go! This attraction in Gatlinburg, TN, puts you in charge. Each car includes a brake that allows you to control the speed of your car. Do you love to chase adrenaline, but your family members prefer to slow things down a bit? You can ride on your own and forget the brake even exists! Meanwhile, the rest of your family will have a blast taking in the sights as they cruise more sedately. No special skills are needed to control the coaster – the brake is very simple to use, and you’ll be shown how before you take off.

Do we have to climb stairs to get to the Mountain Coaster?

Nope! There’s no walking required to enjoy the Mountain Coaster, which makes this attraction in Gatlinburg, TN, a great way to include members of your family who can’t walk or climb long distances. Instead, you’ll ride the uphill lift system to the top of the coaster, and then take the coaster back down! And you can come ride the Mountain Coaster at night, in the rain, or even in the snow! Our unique silent track means that you may even get to see some local wildlife watching you zoom by.

Is the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster affordable?

We know that finding family fun in Gatlinburg that everyone loves, and that meets your budget, can be a tall order. The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster makes it easy! Affordable rates for your first ride are discounted even more on your second ride! Bring back the ticket from your first ride that day, and you’ll get a discounted second ride. This is a great way to enjoy the Coaster in the daylight, and then come back to get a whole new experience at night. The track is lit by thousands of twinkling lights, and the starlight views of the mountainside can’t be beaten. Bring the entire family for an exciting attraction in Gatlinburg, TN, that will become a must-do every time you’re in town.