Experience Gatlinburg from the Top of the Mountain – No Equipment Needed!

You’ve heard how great the Smoky Mountains are. Maybe this isn’t even your first visit to the region, but your second, third, or tenth trip to the Gatlinburg area. If that’s the case, then you know just what it takes to get a view that’s not just of the mountains, but from the mountains.

It takes work. You’ve got to get up early to beat the heat, pack a lunch and snacks, plan your route, step into your hiking boots and trail gear, grab your camera (or make sure your phone is charged) and load up the car – and all of this is before you even begin a multi-mile uphill hike!

One of the Things to Do in Gatlinburg Without Working Up a Sweat

So, you’d love a mountain view, but you’re not in the mood for a mountain hike?

Say no more! There are plenty of things to do in Gatlinburg that will tire you out, but how about one that will give you a burst of energy? The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster gives you a no-effort view at the top and an adrenaline rush by the time you’ve made it to the bottom. Don’t believe us?

Here’s How Riding to the Top of the Coaster Works

Once you arrive at the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, pull in to the parking lot and purchase your tickets, you immediately begin the first part of the experience: a ride on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster’s uphill lift system! The mountain coaster’s lift system takes you uphill through Tennessee’s friendly skies and makes getting to the top a breeze. No mountain climbing, no stairs (and certainly no lunch break!) necessary.

Once You’re There, Don’t Forget the View

When you’ve got a roller coaster ride to look forward to, it might be easy to forget to take a moment to enjoy the simpler things in life, like lush foliage, a Tennessee evening breeze, or a scenic mountain panorama. These great things are there for you on your way down the mountain, though. On the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, you can pull the brakes and take in as many mountain views (and selfies!) as you’d like!

Plan Your Ride Today!

There are plenty of things to do in Gatlinburg – so many, in fact, that there’s no way you can do them all in a weekend’s vacation, much less a week’s! With its morning-to-night hours (10 AM to 11 PM daily), the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster fits well in most schedules, and doesn’t take up too much time. Any time you’ve got an hour to spare, you’ve got time for a ride, so plan your ride today!