Experience the Thrill of Night Riding – Perfect for Date Night

Been on any good dates lately? You know, a good date – not just a good-enough date, which might mean dinner at your partner’s favorite moderately-priced restaurant, a compromise movie, and an early tuck-in. Sometimes we get so used to good-enough dates that we forget: what really makes up a good date, anyway?

Forget Metaphors – A Good Date is Literally All About Your Heart

A good date is the kind of date where your heart beats a little faster, and then just a little faster, until you can really feel your blood pumping. The kind of date that sticks out from the bunch, and that you remember and talk about when you’re on your good-enough dates and excitedly planning your next good ones. A little adrenaline rush and romance have always gone hand-in-hand – after all, what’s more exciting than falling in love?

How About Falling in Love and Taking a Thrill Ride?

This mountain roller coaster won’t pretend to compete for your attention with some of life’s most significant emotions, but, luckily, it doesn’t have to. Date night and a roller coaster are a true match made in heaven, since what could be better than pushing your limits with someone you trust?

A No-Brakes Night Ride on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is Waiting for You Both

One of the cool things about the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is how it’s open for business from morning ‘til night, rain or shine. At night, they like to do things a little differently, too; they run “no-brakes night rides” that send you hurtling down the track, plunging through a sparkling arrangement of dangling white lights, into the darkness of a Smoky Mountain forest, and back then back into the lights again as fast as possible (over 30 miles an hour!).

If you come earlier, during the daylight, the two of you can stop the mountain roller coaster cart you’re in whenever you’d like and take in any one of the course’s several scenic views. At night, though, all bets – and all brakes! – are off!

Don’t Let Good-Enough Dates Take Over

Everyone who has been in a relationship for long enough knows that everyday necessities can take over, that making an effort for real excitement can wane as “real life” barges in on our romantic ideals. Sometimes it can seem like making time for a good-enough date is the best you can do, much less come up with the ideas and make the plans necessary for a good (or great!) date.

Don’t fret, though – good dates are about good company, which you’ve already got, and just a little bit of excitement, which, on this mountain roller coaster, is easier (and less expensive) than you might imagine. Join the hundreds of couples who have gotten their hearts pumping on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, and plan your next good, no, GREAT date today!