Feel the Wind in Your Hair on this Popular Mountain Coaster Ride

Forget about your hairspray and throw away that mousse! There’s nothing like going “au naturel” when it comes to hairstyling – especially when your stylist is Mother Nature herself!

There’s one thing that takes the cake when it comes to really feeling the wind in your hair on your next vacation, and that’s a ride on a mountain coaster. If a hairstyle courtesy of the Smoky Mountains sounds like your cup of tea, read on to learn more about the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster!

Catch Those Breezes as They Blow By!

This mountain roller coaster in Gatlinburg doesn’t pull any punches. It’s fast. It reaches top speeds of up to 35 miles an hour, so even the true speed racers in your group won’t be disappointed.

While your bangs are being blown back and your curls are unfurling, don’t forget to check out the view, too. This mountain roller coaster in Gatlinburg is located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, and you can really feel the mountain crispness of the air as you blast your way down the hill.

Create Mountain Hairdos for Kids and Parents

This mountain coaster isn’t just for kids or just for grown-ups. It’s fast enough to deliver thrills for everyone, even those who have “done it all” before. Each car comes with its own brakes, so anyone who wants to take it slow can do so, too.

Ignore the brake and leave your hairstyle to the winds, or pull it when you approach one of the mountain coaster’s scenic vistas and take a moment to give yourself and your companion a once-over. The speed – and the choice – is yours!

Catch Your New Look on Film

What’s the first thing you want to do anytime you get a great new look? That’s right: take a picture! Luckily, when you’re riding this mountain coaster you won’t have to worry about doing two things at once. When you see the coaster’s mounted camera, all you need to focus on is your pose. After you’ve finished your ride, come by the gift shop, and your professionally-printed photo is available for $11, and duplicates for $8.

Share Your Looks on Social Media

What’s the second thing you do when you get a great new look? Show your friends!

Whether you’ve grabbed a shot from the gift shop or with your own camera, make sure to upload the image to your Facebook or Instagram account with the hashtag #CoasterMoments, and your ride on this mountain roller coaster in Gatlinburg (and the great hairstyle it created!), will be there for everyone to “ooh” and “ahh” over.

Don’t wait – visit this Smoky Mountain “salon” as soon as you can!