Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster – An Insider’s Guide

Are you looking for the best attractions in Gatlinburg for your upcoming visit? Put the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster at the top of your list! This is an exciting ride unlike any other roller coaster you’ve ever been on –we guarantee it. Here’s an insider’s guide to riding through the Smokies.

Day or Night, Rain or Shine: The Mountain Coaster is Open!

Choosing when to ride the coaster is probably the hardest part about having fun on this cool attraction. The Mountain Coaster is open in any weather, even snow. Bundle up for a fun winter ride unlike anything you’ve ever been on before, or cool off on a hot summer day by zooming through the mountainside. The coaster is also open after dark! The track is lit by thousands of twinkling lights, which makes the ride both thrilling and romantic. Perfect for a totally unique date night, or for filling a snow day with the kids when you’ve all got a bit of cabin fever.

You Get Two Rides in One at the Mountain Coaster

When you first arrive at the coaster, you’ll notice that it’s situated up on the side of the mountain. The ride then sends you back down to the Strip, which is a very cool way to get a great view as you ride. But in order to get up there first, you may be dreading the climb…don’t! You’ll ride a sky lift up to the top of the line, which offers you a relaxing ride on the way. Kids and adults alike love the “two rides for one” experience of the coaster.

Choose Your Speed and Your Co-Pilot

When it’s your turn to strap in, you can choose to ride solo if you are over 56 inches tall, or ride with a partner in one of the double cars. Any child under 56 inches must ride with an adult, and children under 36 inches are not permitted to ride. In either car, you can control the speed of your ride with the easy-to-use brake system, which the attendant will show you how to use before you take off. Ignore it completely to zoom through the scenery on our unique silent track, or use the brake to slow your ride down a little and take in more of the view. Everyone is asked to brake at the end of the track for safety.

Grab a Photo or Ride the Mountain Coaster Again!

When you finish your ride, you can grab a photo from one of the track cameras in our gift shop, or take another ride! Bring back your ticket on the same day and you’ll get your second ride for half price. Get your tickets online and make your way to one of the best attractions in Gatlinburg!