Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster: A New Experience Every Time

Even if you have never had a chance to hike through Great Smoky Mountains National Park, chances are you recognize the stunning view of the mountains over lush forested acres. The Smoky Mountains are one of the most iconic scenes across the nation, and play host to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. If you are ready to experience the Smoky Mountains in a whole new way, then you need to visit the best attraction in Gatlinburg – namely, Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster!


Day or Night, Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster Is Ready


Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster runs all day long, and after dark as well. You can ride on the totally silent track during the day to watch for wildlife and take in the view of Gatlinburg. Then come back for a ride at night, and be amazed by the thousands of tiny lights turning the track into a magical wonderland for you to ride through. The mountain coaster is also running in the rain or the snow!


You Control the Speed at Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster


Another unique factor of one of the best attractions in Gatlinburg is that you control the speed. Like to zip around the twists and turns as fast as you can? Ignore the brake and let the track give you the best adrenaline rush you’ve had all day. Want to take things a little slower? Use the built-in brake as much as you want to make your ride more fun for you. You can ride with the kids (as young as three, so long as they are 38” tall) or let anyone over 56” try it out on their own.


The Best Attractions in Gatlinburg Can’t Combine Fun and Great Views Like We Can


Take a ride in a lift up to the top of our mountain coaster, soaking in the sights of Gatlinburg while you do. Once you’re there, choose a single-rider or double-rider car and take off down the track. The mountain coaster combines the stunning view with a ton of fun thanks to its unique position in the heart of the mountains. Whether you come in the day, at night, in the rain, or in the shine, your experience on the mountain coaster will always be new due to the nature of the location. You’ll always find something new that you didn’t see before.


Don’t Forget to Share Your Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster Ride

When you’re done with your ride on the mountain coaster, don’t forget to share your pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Use the hashtag #CoasterMoments, and your memory could be featured on our page! We love seeing your selfies, GoPro images, or whatever you took to commemorate the ride. Let us know what your favorite experience was on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster.