Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster – The Roller Coaster You Control!

Can you remember the last time you were able to control your speed on a roller coaster? Unless you have been on the Gatlinburg Mountain Roller Coaster, chances are good you can’t, because there simply aren’t many roller coasters like this one in the world. Chances are good that the only roller coaster you have been on take you to the top of the first drop using a noisy, clunky chain drive.

Then, once you reach the top, gravity does the rest until you reach the station at the end. To be sure, these coasters are a lot of fun and some of the more popular attractions in Gatlinburg, TN. But the ride is over in seconds, leaving you trying to remember anything that happened. When you take a ride on the Gatlinburg Mountain Roller Coaster, you are in for a nice surprise.

It’s All Up to You on the Gatlinburg Mountain Roller Coaster

The Gatlinburg Mountain Roller Coaster runs on a track much like any of the other roller coaster attractions in the Gatlinburg, TN area. But there aren’t any clunky chain lifts to spoil the beauty and quiet of the woods they run through; in fact, this may be one of the quietest rides you have ever been on. The only sound is the whisper of the wheels gliding along the track.

For those of you who have yet to experience riding through the woods of the Great Smoky Mountains, there is no better way than gliding along on the Gatlinburg Mountain Roller Coaster. The woods only flash by as fast as you want them to. How is this possible, you ask? The answer is simple: each of the carts is equipped with a brake that let you determine how fast you are going.

All the Fun of a Coaster at Your Speed

Choose to take in the woods, flowers, and creatures at a nice gentle pace, stopping when you want to get a closer look, or fly down the track at speeds approaching 30 to 35 miles per hour. Not to worry, the track is surrounded by safety rails, keeping you safe at all times, no matter how fast you are going.

As one of the most popular attractions in Gatlinburg, TN, the Gatlinburg Mountain Roller Coaster is open 7 days a week all year long. Each time you come to visit, your experience is guaranteed to be different. For added fun, the coaster is open until 9 pm on weekdays and 10 pm on weeknights.

Put yourself in control and spend a little time riding the Gatlinburg Mountain Roller Coaster the next time you visit historic Gatlinburg. Remember that when you buy one full price ticket, all subsequent tickets on the same day are offered at a significant discount. Come ride the coaster in the morning and then come back to enjoy a star-studded sky as the moon shines over the Great Smoky Mountains at night. Our coaster is one of the best family attractions in Gatlinburg, TN. You simply can’t afford to miss out on this incredible ride.