Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster – The Year Round Family Attraction

Every year, visitors flock to Gatlinburg eager to try out the first ever mountain coaster in the Smokies. Since social media spreads like wildfire, it is rare to not have heard about the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster or have dreamed about being taken on an ride through the Gatlinburg scnerery.

What is the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster?

If you’ve never heard of the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster before, you’re in for a treat! Imagine soaring through the Smoky Mountain trees like you would do on a zipline, but instead try and picture yourself on a roller coaster track. Sounds exhilarating, right?

This quirky mountain coaster is an excellent activity to partake in while on vacation with your family, or even just passing through with friends. This thrilling coaster ride will have you smiling from ear to ear as you and your coaster companion glide through the trees in our red coaster cars. This ingeniously-designed ride allows you to control your own speed while descending the mountain on a silent track.

After you choose between a double or single coaster car, it’s time to strap in and begin your ascent. From there, there is nowhere left to go but down!

When and Who Can You Ride the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster?

The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster can be ridden in different temperatures and is opened all year round, thus allowing its users to see the gorgeous landscapes of the Smoky Mountains in different seasons. And better yet, why not take the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster to the next level and choose to ride it at night?

As for who can take part on this ride, the only limitation is height, so babies and toddlers will have to wait a couple years before taking a ride on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, but besides that anyone can join in making it the perfect year-round family attraction!

It’s no secret that most parents do not enjoy roller coasters, which doesn’t always make it ideal for them when visiting amusement parks. Luckily, the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster isn’t anything like that, and certainly doesn’t flip you upside down! There are so many different attractions in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, but the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is definitely a must for all ages! Not only does it allow you to experience the beauty of nature from a different perspective, it is perfect for making memories with your whole family! Want to find out more about this stimulating ride? What better way than to experience it first hand?