Gatlinburg Roller Coaster: Best Attractions ‘Must-Do’

If you are headed to Gatlinburg for a day trip or an extended vacation, you likely have a list the length of your arm of places you have to see. There are so many “best” attractions in Gatlinburg, it is hard to choose. But one thing you can’t miss is the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster. We guarantee you won’t find anything else like it!


What Makes the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster a Must-Do


Our mountain coaster is unique in several ways. First, the track is totally silent, so as you fly through the forested Smoky Mountains, you’ll be able to see all kinds of wildlife and natural beauty without disturbing a thing. Second, our track runs day or night, rain or shine! Come for a nighttime ride and be dazzled by the magic of the track lit with sparkling lights. Or join us for a ride through the snow in the winter. Either way, Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is the perfect ‘must-do’ attraction you can enjoy right when you first get to Gatlinburg, or as an adrenaline rush after visiting other places around town.


Discounted Same-Day Rides Make Mountain Coaster The Best Attraction!


Be sure to hang onto your Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster ticket stubs! We offer a discount on one additional same-day ride with your ticket stub. So go ahead and ride the coaster, then visit museums, wineries, aquariums, restaurants or any other attractions in town. But be sure to come back to ride Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster to get your same-day second ride discount, plus we know once you ride, you won’t be able to resist riding again and again! Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is a new experience every time you ride because you control the speed and you can decide if you want to go fast or slow, or ride alone, or with a friend.


Wow! Coffee’s Out! Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is In!

Forget the coffee. When you’ve got a long day of exploring the best attractions in Gatlinburg ahead of you, head to the Mountain Coaster first! The brisk mountain air whipping by as you navigate the twists and turns of the coaster will have you awake and ready to go in no time. You’ll be keeping up with the kids after the Mountain Coaster gets your blood pumping.