It Gets Dark Early but Our Lights are Still On! Ride the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster in the Dark for a Special Thrill

Among the top attractions in Gatlinburg, the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is a great way to appreciate some of the Smokies without too much exertion. During the day, riders can enjoy panoramic views of the Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg, plus wildlife moving among the trees. At night, however, the experience shifts to a no holds barred thrill ride. With multiple options for enjoying the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg, it may become your top pick for winter fun!

Attractions in Gatlinburg for Thrill Riders

The mountain coaster in Gatlinburg is unique among roller coasters in that it relies entirely on gravity. As a result, there are no lift chains, cables, or launch mechanisms guiding the cars, which means that you descend in your own cart. Without any chains, the ride is totally silent, except for your screams, of course!

During the day, you are in total control of your speed. We offer individual carriages or cars for two, so bring a friend, family member or date for extra fun. A hand brake can bring you to a complete stop to take a picture of deer or birds (or a selfie!), but at night, we change the rules. Once you descend the chute, it’s no brakes until the bottom as you coast downhill at speeds up to 35 miles per hour!

Adding to the thrill is our light displays. Twinkling lights cover most of the track, so your trip to the bottom is through a bright tube of lights with occasional sections of pitch darkness. The absence of mechanical sounds will only amplify the ‘whoosh’ of your downward rush.

Can’t Get Enough of the Mountain Coaster in Gatlinburg? Ride It Over and Over!

Plan a day at the attractions in Gatlinburg and ride the mountain coaster several times. Get here early and beat the crowds for a morning ride, check out other fun spots nearby, have lunch, and then return for another ride. Finish your day with a No-Brakes Night Ride for a final adrenaline burst.

Multiple ticket options make your day easier, with options starting at single rides, two adults, and a parent plus child combination. Each of these tickets even comes with a 20 percent discount for anyone booking online. However, our all-day pass and new one-hour pass offer more flexible approaches to a day in Gatlinburg. Come just for the evening and make it a date night with an hour of night riding or make a day of it.

Whichever option you choose, there is no climbing involved, so it is an experience that can be shared by all ages and abilities. Our lift system whisks you to the top and, should you come in daylight, offers great views on the way up. The viewing platform offers stunning panoramas as you board your individual cars, so a ticket guarantees more than just a ride.

Book now for your advance discount and give yourself a wintry day of fun!