It’s Hard to Ride Mountain Coaster Just Once – Why Multiple Same Day Rides Rock!

When you want the most unique roller coaster ride that you’ve ever had, the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is the answer! There are multiple ways to enjoy this exciting ride – in the rain, when it’s snowing, under the shining sun, or even at night! In fact, night rides are one of the coolest ways to experience the coaster, because the track is lit with thousands of twinkling lights that make you feel like you’re flying through a magical scene. But how do you choose how you’re going to ride the coaster?

Save When You Ride the Mountain Coaster Twice!

The obvious answer is that you can ride it more than once! In fact, if you’re stuck choosing between some day time fun so that you can get a great view of the mountains around you, and a cool night time ride that is unlike any other roller coaster you’ve ever been on, we’ve got a deal for you. Come for your first ride during the day, then bring back your ticket for a second ride at night – and we’ll give you a discount! We want you to try out the Mountain Coaster in as many ways as you can, so we’re welcoming you back with savings on any second ride in the same day.

Who Can Ride the Mountain Coaster?

The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is open to any rider over the age of three who is at least 36 inches tall. At 56 inches tall, a rider can choose to ride without an adult if they wish. Those are the only requirements! Our coaster has a unique brake system that allows you to choose how fast you want to ride, which is great for those who want to enjoy the fact that they are racing through the mountainside. You don’t need to have any special skill to operate this brake system. We’ll show you how to use it when you come, and it’s safe for children to operate as well. (You can also ignore it and go racing through the trees at top speeds – what’s a roller coaster without adrenaline, after all?)

Tag Your Memories with #CoasterMoments!

Same-day rides are also an awesome way to try out the coaster in a different light. Come during the day with the kids, then come back at night for a seriously fun date night. It beats another dinner-and-a-movie date, and gets your heart racing for the rest of the evening. Share your favorite Mountain Coaster memories on social media with the tag #CoasterMoments and we may feature you on our Facebook or Instagram. You can buy your first tickets online for $16 – $27 per ride, and make sure to bring them back for your second ride at only half the cost!