How Fast Does this Mountain Coaster Go? Ride It and See for Yourself!

Calling everyone with a need for speed! And really, who isn’t tempted to push the pedal to the floor on an open stretch of highway? Get the adrenaline flowing in a responsible way on the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg and avoid a ticket or worse on the road. The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is completely safe and accessible for most ages and abilities, so plan a family outing, date, or solo trip and experience the Smokies like never before.

Ride at the Speed of Sound…the Sound of Your Screams!

As you ascend to the top of the peak, you may doubt how fast the Gatlinburg alpine coaster can go, but upon arrival at the top, a quick look down will tell you otherwise. Enjoy the amazing panorama of the Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg far below as you prepare for your descent in your single or double carriage.

From there, gravity pulls you downhill and, with no need for lift chains, you descend the tracks alone. Should the twists and turns get to be too much for you, there is a hand brake, but a speed demon like you won’t need that, right?

As one reviewer posted: “we were going so fast down the track I thought we were going to fly off [;] would definitely recommend!”

Brave a Night Ride for the Ultimate Gatlinburg Alpine Coaster Experience

If you thought that a daytime ride got your heart pounding, wait until you try it at night. Those curves seem a lot faster when you are alternating from bright lights to total darkness.

How do we manage that, you might wonder? Our track is hung in sections with bright fairy lights and, as you fly down the track, you go in and out of the light tunnels. As if the lights were not enough, after dark we enforce our “No Brakes Night Ride” to really give you a thrill.

“They say you get to about 35mph but it feels waaaaay faster,” wrote one reviewer. “Definitely recommend and try it at night for a little extra kick of adrenaline.”

Even Children Love the Mountain Coaster in Gatlinburg

This ride is totally safe for kids as young as three and many children are among our biggest fans. Because of our novel system, you can ride together in your own carriage and, if your child gets scared, pull on the handbrake. With no other cars descending at the same time, you can slow down or even come to a complete halt. Don’t be surprised if your little ones beg you to go downhill without slowing!

Try both a day and night ride with one of our many ticket packages. You can buy a combination for two adults or an adult-child combination and then take advantage of our special discount for repeat rides. Or, plan to visit several times during the day and buy our All-Day Pass. Either way, this mountain coaster in Gatlinburg will be a day out to remember!