Incredible #CoasterMoments Can Be Yours!

Have you experienced the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster yet? With spring and summer just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to plan your trip to this awesome attraction in Gatlinburg. When the Smoky Mountains are coming to life all around you, as you zip by at up to 35 miles per hour in the passenger-controlled roller coaster cart, you’ll get a whole new look at Gatlinburg’s natural beauty.


Share Your Ride on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster


Want to make your ride even more memorable? You can share your trip on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #CoasterMoments for a chance to be featured on our page. We love to see you having a great time on one of the best attractions in Gatlinburg. Whether you share a selfie from your phone, a video from your GoPro, or your photo memory from our track cameras, you could have your memory featured on our Instagram page. Just be sure to remember that hashtag: #CoasterMoments. You can also tag your image with #GatlinburgMountainCoaster to be sure it gets straight to us. And watch our timelines for other #CoasterMoments from riders having a blast!


#CoasterMoments Are Even More Beautiful at Night


Did you know that the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster also gives night rides? As you settle into the one-person or two-person cart, you’ll be sent down a track lit with thousands of twinkling lights that turn the nighttime ride into a magical flight through a natural wonderland. Feel free to let the brake have a rest and fly through the twists and turns for an even more exciting ride, or use the brake as much as you want to enjoy the ambiance.


Other Attractions in Gatlinburg Make the Perfect Complement


Want a date night you’ll never forget, or something unique to do with the kids on a snow day? Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster doesn’t stop running in the rain or snow. You can enjoy this amazing attraction in Gatlinburg any time. Come in the day to enjoy the sights of the forest. The silent track won’t scare away any critters that you might get to see! Save your ticket and come back in the same day for a second ride, and we’ll give you a discounted rate!


Join Us Online to Share the #CoasterMoments Love!

Everyone wants to share their exciting ride with their friends. Share your favorite #CoasterMoments on Facebook or Instagram. Whether you’ve doubled up with a friend who shares your sense of adventure, or you’re taking a solo ride through the magical track at night, your excitement is the best way to let your friends know what kinds of attractions await them in Gatlinburg. Bring the whole group to the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster for a special event or birthday. Call ahead to get our special group rates!