Little Ones Love Riding Down the Mountain on this Speedy Mountain Coaster

Your older children might crave the noise and speed of those massive roller coasters that have you flying along at breakneck speeds, zooming through countless loops, and dropping you so fast you can feel yourself floating away from the seat. But when it comes to younger children, these beasts tend to be a bit much, not to mention the fact that most won’t allow smaller children to ride. But at the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg, kids ages 3 and up can ride, providing they are at least 38 inches tall and accompanied by someone who is at least 56″ tall and 16 years of age or more.

What’s So Special About the Mountain Coaster in Gatlinburg?

The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is among the most unique roller coasters you and your kids will ever ride. There are no clunky chain drives, no ratcheting locks, and no agonizingly slow climb to the top of the first drop. Instead, your car starts out with a very short climb to the first drop. The rest of your journey is all handled by gravity and how much you ride the brakes.

Yes, that’s right! Your car comes equipped with brakes that let you control the speed of your car all the way down to the bottom. This is among the most significant reasons children love our mountain coaster in Gatlinburg – they have control of their experience. Whereas most coasters fly along at speeds that would frighten most young children, on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, you get to decide how fast your car goes along the track using the handbrake.

Go Fast or Go Slow; It’s Up to You

At our mountain coaster in Gatlinburg, you can go nice and slow to let your child get used to the idea of being on a roller coaster and to let them sit back and enjoy the fantastic scenery. Or, you can keep your hands off the brakes and roll along at speeds of up to 35 mph as they get used to being on the ride.

One thing that tends to scare young children about most modern roller coasters is the sheer amount of noise they make. From the ratcheting and clanking going to the top of the first drop, to the rattles and squeaks as the cars power their way down the track, the noises are often frightening or overwhelming to the younger riders.

The mountain coaster in Gatlinburg has a trick up its sleeve that few other roller coasters can lay claim to. Unlike standard coasters, the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster runs virtually silently. Your little ones can sit back, quietly enjoy the breeze, and at the same time get to ride a roller coaster with a parent or sibling age 16 or older. To learn more about the fantastic Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, visit us online and get ready for your whole family to have fun.