How to Make Your Coaster Ride Even More Memorable

Are you ready to head for the hills? We can hear you shouting “YES!” from here! We are excited to share the Smoky Mountains with you, especially during fall! The season of fall opens up the entire town, bringing everyone together for one big purpose: It’s Leaf Season! We’ve got a coaster car waiting on you!


Coast the Mountain During Fall


Coast casually as you ride along the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster this fall. You will feel the ease of a light breeze while the sunshine peeks through the colorful leaves. If you’re lucky, you’ll even catch a glimpse of Smoky Mountain wildlife along the way!


Ride the Track at Night


During a night ride, the track sparkles like tiny little glimmering diamonds guiding you way along the mountainside. The breezes during a fall night are warm and cool all at the same time. Enjoy taking your time, glancing at the moon, admiring the twinkles of the track lighting. Maybe you’ll even hear a hoot owl saying hello! The Smoky Mountains are full of surprises.


Coast at Sunset


Take an easy ride down the steel track of the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster and witness a beautifully glowing Smoky Mountain sunset from the coaster car! Smoky Mountain sunsets are warming to the soul and are always memorable.


Share Your Coaster Moment with Someone Special


Stop on by the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster after a fantastic day of shopping in downtown Gatlinburg and the Arts and Crafts Community this fall. We believe coasting down the mountain with someone special allows you to share your coaster moments together. What is a coaster moment, you ask? A coaster moment is a memorable point in time along the track where you feel flooded with happiness, laughter, joy and excitement all at the same time! Capture your coaster moment together on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster camera, so you can hold onto that moment forever!
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