Riders of All Ages Love Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

If your family includes a pretty big age gap between siblings or cousins, then you probably know the pain of trying to find a fun activity that everyone will love. Amusement parks sometimes work, if the adults are willing to split up, but even that isn’t always perfect. Instead, why not bring the whole crew to the Gatlinburg roller coaster, the perfect way to please everyone – even the ones who hate fast rides.


The Rider Controls the Gatlinburg Roller Coaster

How can we offer a roller coaster, full of exhilarating twists and thrilling turns, that is also fun for people who aren’t fond of fast rides? Good question. Our unique roller coaster is totally controlled by a brake in the one-person or two-person car. If you want, you can ignore the brake and whip down the long straightaways like a rocket (up to 35 mph). But if you prefer, you can ease around the corners and down the hills, taking in the beautiful views all around you and enjoying a more sedate ride. Either way you do it, the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is one of the best things to do in Gatlinburg.


Almost Everyone Can Ride the Gatlinburg Roller Coaster

As long as a child is three years old and at least 38 inches tall, they can ride the Gatlinburg roller coaster in a two-person car with an adult. You don’t need to know how to do anything at all. Working the brake is easy and intuitive. Teens over 13 who are at least 56 inches tall can ride alone in a single-person car, and work the brake just fine. Safety harnesses and lap belts keep everyone safe as the car speeds through the wooded area.


You don’t need to be particularly fit or able to walk up the incline to ride, either. Take our lifts instead, and enjoy a slower ride up the mountain. You’ll get an amazing view of the area and all the things to do in Gatlinburg as you arrive.


Bring a Group for a Discount

We’re confident that your kids and family members of all ages will love their trip on the Gatlinburg roller coaster. Come ride Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster at  night for a magical experience and ride through the track as it is lit by thousands of twinkling lights. Or ride in the snow for a totally unique winter holiday activity! If you are bringing in a large group, call us for discount information on group rates. If you manage to keep a grip on your ticket through your ride, you’ll be able to turn that ticket in for a discount on your second ride in the same day.


Celebrate Any Special Occasion on the Gatlinburg Roller Coaster  

What kid wouldn’t love a wild roller coaster ride for their birthday? Have some 4th of July fun, or even create a new family winter holiday tradition at the Gatlinburg roller coaster.  Don’t forget to share your pictures and story with us on Facebook or Instagram using the #CoasterMoments hashtag!