Riding in the Dark Takes This Mountain Coaster Experience to a Whole New Level!

Picture this: You’re visiting Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and you’ve got a full day of outdoor adventure on your schedule. Maybe you’re planning to take the whole extended family on a hike in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, or ziplining at the new Anakeesta Theme Park.

After an afternoon of exercise out in the Smokies, you’ll all be hungry enough for an early dinner. And after an early dinner, you’ll have a whole, long evening ahead of you before you can even think about sending the kids to bed without some serious protests. How about a stroll down the Gatlinburg strip? And before you turn in for the night…

Take a Night Ride on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster!

A night ride on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is a great way to close out a day in Gatlinburg. Kids ages 3 and up can ride, provided they’re game for a thrill – at night, this mountain coaster is home to its famous No-Brakes Night Rides, which means you’ll reach speeds of up to 35 miles an hour. Not a bad way to unwind after a day hitting the trails and sidewalks!

Not Sure if You’re a Creature of the Night?  

Not everyone is interested in going as fast as possible, and that’s just fine. During the day, the Gatlinburg mountain coaster is available at any speed you’d like, because you’re in charge of the brake! Every mountain coaster cart comes with its own brake, so you can cruise on through the course, pausing for the sights and sounds of the Tennessee woods all around you, or even grabbing a snapshot of the view from any of the course’s scenic Smoky Mountain vistas.

Enjoy a Same-Day Discount

If you ride the Gatlinburg mountain coaster during the day and find yourself hankering for a little nighttime thrill – not to mention a cascade of sparkling lights, which appear along the course – you’re in luck! Second (or third! or fourth!) same-day rides on this mountain coaster are available for a discount, since it’s pretty tough to say no to a second ride once you’ve gotten that first taste of those Smoky Mountain breezes whipping past.

Sure, it’s Dark – But You’ve Got a Flash!

Whether you want to grab a shot of the whole gang together at the base of the mountain coaster or snag a selfie on the ride uphill, don’t let the lack of daylight stop you! Just flip on your flash, snap away, and when you’re done, upload your shots to Facebook or Instagram and tag them with the #CoasterMoments or #GatlinburgCoaster hashtags. Join a virtual photo album of sunshine seekers and night owls, and plan your next ride on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster today!