Riding Double Or Single?

Here at the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster you have the option to choose to ride solo or with a partner. Sometimes that can be a hard choice so here’s how you can decide if you should ride Double or Single.

First things first, are you at least 16 years old and over 56” tall? If you don’t meet these requirements, then a double rider is the option for you.

Second, how do you prefer to ride? Do you want a speedy, thrilling ride or would you prefer to coast through the Smokies? If you know what kind of experience you want, then that can help you with your decision. You are in charge of your own coaster experience; you control the brakes, so finding someone who wants the same coaster experience as you is important if you are going to ride double! But, if you know you want to take your time down the mountain and everyone else wants to speed through the Smokies, then maybe a solo ride is best.

Third, are you cool with someone laughing in your ear? We guarantee you will be laughing and screaming the whole way down.

But, with all that said there’s not really a bad choice. Whether you choose to ride solo or double you’re going to have a blast – we promise! So, grab some friends and head on over for a fun day at the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster.