Screamin’ Fast or Casual Coast: You Choose on Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

When was the last time you rode a roller coaster that let you set the pace? The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is unique in many ways, but the riders’ ability to control the speed is one of the best reasons to visit this attraction in Gatlinburg, TN.


Bring the Whole Group to the Mountain Coaster!

Not everyone loves to speed around corners, zoom through twists, and race down steep declines on roller coasters. You may have had loved ones in the past refuse to go to amusement parks or attractions in Gatlinburg, TN, with you because they aren’t adrenaline junkies like you. Now you will all have a great time together. At the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, you can each ride solo, or with a like-minded buddy. Use the brake to coast easily along the track, or ignore the brake entirely and fly through the ride!


Be Sure to Appreciate the View Around the Mountain Coaster

If you are a casual coaster, you’re in luck! The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster offers much more than just a fun ride. When you take it easy, you’ll notice the amazing wildlife all around you. The coaster was built right into the forested mountainside, so you get an amazing view. And because the track is built to be totally silent, you may even see a few curious critters hanging out in nearby trees. Even if you are zooming by, be sure to take a second to appreciate being up close and personal with the beautiful Smokies.


The Wait for the Ride is Half the Fun

In order to get to the Mountain Coaster, you first have to ride a sky lift to the top of the ride! This is a lot of fun for anyone who has never been on a sky lift before. You’ll have an amazing view of the Gatlinburg Parkway, and you may even be able to pick out what you plan to do next. Did you love being up in the sky lift as much as you loved your ride on the Coaster? Check out some of the area’s zip lining locations, one of the best attractions in Gatlinburg, TN, for thrill-seekers and nature-lovers alike. Walk through a skybridge over the Parkway with Gatlinburg Ziplines.


Explore Other Attractions in Gatlinburg, TN – Then Come Back!

There are many other fantastic attractions in Gatlinburg, TN. Check out the Ripley’s Aquarium, the Arts and Crafts Community, or the many festivals that happen all year long. And if you ride the Mountain Coaster once during the day, come back on the same day with your ticket and you get a discount on your next ride! Try the Coaster after dark for a refreshing new take on this thrilling adventure. The track is lit up with thousands of twinkling fairy lights, and everything feels brand new. Be sure to grab the commemorative picture, or take a selfie and share it with us online using the hashtag #CoasterMoments.