Skip the Line and Order Your Tickets for this Mountain Coaster Online

Old Man Winter may be nipping at your nose, and the snows may be piling up, but if you are going to book your winter vacation online, why not go ahead and order your tickets for the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster online while you are at it? While the winter weather might shut down many of the activities in and around town, it takes a lot more than a little snow and cold weather to stop this mountain coaster in Gatlinburg from rolling down the mountainside.

Our Lines Can Get Long

One of the only complaints we, here at the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, have ever heard is that the lines at our ticket booths are too long and that spending time in line tends to cut into their fun time. To be sure, the lines can be a bit long at times, no matter what time of year you happen to be in the area.

Our mountain coaster in Gatlinburg is one of the most popular places in town to hang out. We are open every day of the year. Come rain, sun, or snow, the track is open. Imagine flying down the track with frosty air filling your lungs, all sound deadened by the thick layer of snow surrounding the track?

Room for Two

As you look at our online ticket ordering page, you will see that you can buy single-ride passes for adults, dual ride passes for adults, parent/child combo tickets, a 1-hour unlimited rides pass, or an all-day pass. We have two different types of car — single-seat  and dual-seat — and both feature seat belts and manually operated brakes that let you decide how fast (or slow) you fly down the mountain (and maybe through the snow!).

Not only do we have cars that let you decide how many people ride in the car (one or two), but you can take one of your children down the track with you. It’s a great way to have a little family fun this winter and create memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

One of the only things that could possibly spoil your day is having to wait in long lines for tickets to our mountain coaster in Gatlinburg, burning precious time you could be spending riding down the mountainside (as many times as you like if you have purchased one of our 1-hour or all-day passes).

At the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, we want you to spend as much of your day as possible riding the coaster rather than standing in line. To make things as quick and simple as possible and to help you skip the lines at the ticket counter, we have made it easier than ever for you to buy tickets online.

Using our online order form, you can order as many passes as you want. Keep in mind you can use the all-day pass only once. It is not transferable to another day and can only be used by single riders. If you are planning a winter vacation in the Gatlinburg area this year, be sure you buy your passes to the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster online to save you time and money.