Snuggle Up for Warmth on a Fall Date at the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

Do you know what makes a perfect fall date? Everyone can imagine romance in the winter – there are the holidays and Valentine’s Day to think about, after all – and spring is pretty much covered, considering all the blooming flowers and warm spring air. Summer is another easy one, with days at the beach, dining al fresco, and moonlit walks as obvious choices for a romantic date.

Fall, though, is a little more elusive. How can you set the scene for romance in the fall?

This Fall, Think Outside the Box

Okay, the two of you are ready to head out on a date. You’ve got crunchy leaves falling, a crisp breeze in the air, and maybe even plans to stop at a coffee shop and pick up something warm and pumpkin-flavored. What’s next? Well, if you find yourself in Eastern Tennessee, there’s a whole bevy of Gatlinburg attractions to choose from. How about a heart-pumping ride on a mountain coaster in Gatlinburg?  

A Mountain Coaster in Gatlinburg?

Yes, really! There’s more to the Gatlinburg Strip than famous Gatlinburg attractions like the Ripley’s Believe it or Not! hot spots, family-friendly shows, and great eats. Gatlinburg is also home to the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, a thrill ride open from morning ‘til night, rain or shine, year-round, and that’s built right into a Smoky Mountain hillside.

Will it be Date Night or a Day Date?

Just like the perfect dating outfit, this mountain coaster in Gatlinburg goes from day to night seamlessly. Since the coaster is located amongst the tall trees of the Smokies, expect serious fall color if you take on this ride during the day. And since each cart has its own hand brake, you can even stop the cart at one of the course’s many lookout points and grab a few shots of the changing leaves. At night it’s a different story: the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is home to its famous No-Brakes Night Rides, so you’ll be zipping through the crisp autumn air at speeds of up to 35 miles an hour!

With Plenty of Choices for Your Fall Date…

…You can’t go wrong! After all, once you start thinking outside of the box, anything is possible. Why not take on other Gatlinburg attractions while you’re at it?

A single ride on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster can be quick enough that it makes a great conversation-starter or a nightcap, so if you’ve got more than one activity on your mind, go ahead and keep that on your schedule. If you find you can’t get enough of riding the coaster, never fear – just check out the discounts for repeated rides, as well as the all-day pass!