Snuggly Date Nights Start Here – On One of Gatlinburg’s Top Attractions

Cold weather is generally not considered to be the ideal setting for a romantic date in the great outdoors, but your special someone is not likely to forget an adrenaline-fueled cuddle as you ride a mountain coaster in Gatlinburg, high above the lights of town. The two of you can snuggle up close in your own coaster car, admire the view, and then plummet down the track. With close proximity and easy access to other attractions in Gatlinburg, the coaster makes for a great beginning (or end) of an evening out.


Get Your Heart Racing on an Unforgettable Date

Nothing brings a couple together like a shared experience, and plummeting down a mountainside in the Smoky Mountains is sure to fit the bill! The mountain coaster in Gatlinburg hits speeds of over 30 miles per hour, with plenty of twists and turns on the way down.

Due to the coaster’s unique design, your ride downhill is a silent one as there is no need for lift chains and gravity does all the work. With two-person cars, you can cuddle up close on the coaster’s famous No-Brakes Night Rides for a date night you will be talking about for a while.


Admire Autumn Leaves or Wintery Snow from the Mountain Coaster in Gatlinburg

In addition to the sheer thrill of it, making a date night at the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg is a great way to admire the fall foliage. There’s no need for hiking boots to get to the start of the ride as an uphill lift system whisks you into the forest canopy. Snow will dust the Smokies soon enough and you can enjoy the wintery frosting in the woodland setting. Once it gets dark, the snow will only add to the excitement of the ride down as twinkle lights illuminate the powder as you plunge in and out of darkness.


Relive the Thrills with Discounted Additional Rides

Do not be surprised if you arrive at the bottom having enjoyed the exhilarating ride so much you want another go. Your second ride is only eight dollars, or you can plan to arrive a little earlier and take advantage of a day pass for as many rides as you like.


Make a Night Out of It with Other Attractions in Gatlinburg

Despite the quiet and wooded location, the mountain coaster is just off the main road, so it is a great choice to combine with other attractions in Gatlinburg. Warm up with something hot afterward and enjoy the boutiques and shops nearby or enjoy a romantic dinner together after working up an appetite in the fresh mountain air. Whatever your choice, your coaster ride is sure to keep you talking into the night.

Book online before you arrive to take advantage of an early bird discount and have a date night to remember!