We Have the Speed You Need on Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster!

There are so many fun and appealing attractions in Gatlinburg, TN and the surrounding area, and yet there is one that is so utterly unique as to be the very first of its kind in the Smoky Mountains. What is it? The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, and unlike a standard roller coaster, this mountain coaster lives up to its name by using the slopes and dips of the Smoky Mountains to create its many thrills.

If you are someone with a love of all things to do with speed, this mountain coaster is a must. It begins at the bottom of the mountain, in the heart of Gatlinburg. From the base, you ride the automatic lift system that brings you high above the trees and the town. If you go to the Coaster’s Instagram page, you see just how very, very high you go. Enjoy the bird’s eye views, snap your photos and then hop on your private car and strap in for one unforgettable ride.

Unique Among the Attractions in Gatlinburg, TN

You can enjoy this mountain coaster as the ultimate thrill ride – taking your cart on your own and just opening it up to allow the natural gravity to give you a heart pounding, seven-minute trip to the bottom.

Of course, if you have a smaller and younger passenger (the carts hold up to two riders at once, with minimum age of a passenger being three and minimum co-rider height being 38″) you can use the controls to make your ride slower and less adrenaline pounding. Solo riders have to be over 56″ high, and the carts are secured to the tracks with passengers always harnessed in tightly for the utmost in safety.

As one of the most thrilling of all the attractions in Gatlinburg, TN, it can be enjoyed at any time of the year, and even after dark! This makes the mountain coaster a good choice for a family day trip, an evening out, and everything in between. You can enjoy it in any weather, too, with some riders saying that a rainy or wintry day is just as exciting as a day in bright sunshine or a spooky night time dash down the mountain.

You’re in Charge

Unlike most of the other attractions in Gatlinburg, TN, the mountain coaster always lets you remain in charge. You are in the driver’s seat, and can customize the experience. It is why those who love the thrill of high speeds need to experience the twists and turns of the coaster. The tracks crisscross over and past one another, letting you see fellow riders enjoying whatever speeds they want!

If you are looking for attractions in Gatlinburg, TN that are good for the entire family, it can be tough to beat this one. As long as everyone is over three years old, and 38″ or taller, you can all pile onto your carts and see just who can get the fastest and most thrilling ride through the gorgeous Tennessee scenery.