Speed or Not to Speed: You Control Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

Do you love to fly along a track, with the wind in your hair and the beautiful Gatlinburg atmosphere whistling by? Or do you often avoid roller coasters because you don’t care for the speed? At the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, you can have it both ways! This is one of the best things to do in Gatlinburg for the whole family thanks to the passenger-controlled carts.


Gatlinburg Roller Coaster Is Perfect for Anyone


It doesn’t matter if you love speed or you prefer a more sedate ride – Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is for you. The answer lies in the passenger-controlled carts that give you the brakes. Sure, you can ignore them entirely if you want. With the many twists and turns that the Gatlinburg roller coaster offers, you’ll be flying by at speeds that feel much faster than our top speed around 35 mph. You can also choose to use the brakes liberally, taking corners and hills at a more leisurely pace. This will give you a great view of the forest and Gatlinburg all around you.


Best Things to Do in Gatlinburg with Kids


The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is great for younger kids because you can keep it slow if you want. As long as your child is at least three, and at least 38” tall, he or she can ride with you on the coaster. Never worry about a fast coaster scaring them – you can make their ride nice and easy. An older child who is at least 56” tall can ride on their own in one of our single-occupancy carts, so you don’t have to close your eyes when they take the corners at fast (but safe!) speeds.


Want to Make the Gatlinburg Roller Coaster Even Better?


If you love the adrenaline you get when you leave the brake alone and let the coaster pull you along at top speeds, then you will love this too: Come back later the same day to ride again at night! With the dark forest lit only by small twinkle lights on the track, the fast ride will feel even more exciting. You won’t even know the twists and turns are coming, and that makes for a great ride for thrill seekers. If you bring back your ticket from the same day, you’ll get your second ride at a discount!


Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster: Perfect for Large Groups

The best part about being able to control the speed of the coaster is that it makes it easy for everyone in a large group to enjoy the same activity, but at their own pace. Never worry about someone who is just not comfortable with a group roller coaster ride – this is one of the best things to do in Gatlinburg because everyone will have a great time.