Spend Your Snow Days Riding Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

Have you ever wished that you could skip winter altogether and get right to the fun part of summer? When all you can think about is roller coasters and other outdoor things to do in Gatlinburg, it’s hard to appreciate having a snow day. That’s why the Gatlinburg roller coaster is about to become your new best friend. Open year-round, the Mountain Coaster is the perfect place to spend your snow days – just bundle up!


Dashing Through the Snow on the Gatlinburg Roller Coaster

You can put Santa’s sleigh to shame when you ride on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster in the snow. Our unique roller coaster cars allow you to be in total control of your speed (up to 35 mph). As you navigate the twists and turns of our exhilarating track, you can use the brake to slow down and take in the view of Gatlinburg covered in snow; or you can pretend you’ve never even heard of a brake and have the best roller coaster ride of your life!


Commemorate Your Ride in Style

Riding a roller coaster is fun, but riding the Gatlinburg roller coaster in the snow is a whole new adventure. There are three great ways to commemorate the best snow day ever. First, buy a picture from our cameras that caught you as you flew by one of the many twisty turns. If you want something more unique, bring a GoPro or another camera and record your journey!


If you do record your journey, we’d love to see it! Share your picture, video, or story with the #CoasterMoments hashtag on Facebook or Instagram. Everyone who sees your epic snow day will be jealous – and they may decide to make the trip up the mountain themselves!


Bundle Up and Prepare for Family Fun  

The best part about the Gatlinburg roller coaster is that it’s fun for everyone in the family. As long as a child is over three and more than 38 inches tall, they can ride with an adult. Teens over 13 and at least 56 inches tall can ride alone. And thanks to the speed brake, even those who aren’t fond of fast rides will love spending their snow day on this Gatlinburg roller coaster. When you’re done, head into town to find more things to do in Gatlinburg, or go for a second trip at a discounted rate.


Let It Snow!

Now that you know how much fun the Gatlinburg roller coaster can be for a snow day, you’re probably going to be singing a different tune every winter. Instead of wishing for summer, you’ll be wishing for snow! The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is open all year long, and operates in the rain or snow as well as in good weather. You can even take a thrilling ride at night with the track lit up by twinkling lights. Bring your friends or your family for a fun winter day you’ll never forget.