Spring Break Fun Starts with this Top Gatlinburg Attraction

It can be hard to properly relax over spring break with exams and papers on your mind, so choose an activity that helps you get your mind completely off of assignments. While you could go for a run or do yoga, why not do something more exhilarating like a ride on the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg? Your feed might be overflowing with pictures of friends on beaches, but a snap of the Smoky Mountains from a roller coaster will definitely stand out!

Get Your Mind Off Exams and Onto Amazing Views

Make Gatlinburg your spring break destination and take advantage of the many fun things to do in the area. Nothing will distract you from worrying about the final few weeks of school and papers like the twists and turns of a roller coaster, and Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster, the top Smoky Mountain alpine coaster, is the place to do it.

Not only do you get all the thrills of a coaster ride, but the views of the Smokies are amazing. After entering, choose a single carriage or grab your bestie and ride together. Our uphill lift system offers panoramic views as you ascend. As Gatlinburg becomes smaller beneath you, the successive ranges of the Smoky Mountains unfold before you and, by the time you arrive at the top, you will have a full panorama worth a selfie.

As you get ready to go downhill, remember that if it was peer pressure that got you to come, don’t worry: our unique setup means you can go at your own pace. Seriously! Because the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg works by gravity, each carriage descends by itself and comes with a hand-brake to control its speed.

Blow off Steam at 35 Miles per Hour

Ready for the ride of a lifetime? Keep your hands in the air or wrapped tightly around your ‘driver’ and plummet around the curves and slopes of the fastest Smoky Mountain alpine coaster. By the time you reach the bottom, you will have hit 35 miles per hour, faster than the average city speed limit!

You will want to check out the shop on your way out, if only to compare the hilarious faces of everyone in the group as you go by our camera. Need another dose of adrenaline or decide you are ready to go full speed on your next ride? Repeat rides are only eight bucks or you can buy passes for unlimited rides for an hour or all day.

Make this Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster a Spring Break Highlight

Why shell out hundreds for sub-standard hotel rooms, crowded beaches, and overpriced food during a very typical spring break? Cabins in the Smokies can be very affordable as a group and it will give you easy access to the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg. Go against the flow and plan a spring break for your squad that you will never forget!