Summer “staycations” are easy and affordable!

staycation in the smokiesNot in the mood for a long trip with the family?? The good news is you don’t have to leave home to enjoy a relaxing vacation and reconnect with your family.

Since the Recession, “staycations” have become popular and cool, and for good reason. A staycation is a simple, inexpensive way to enjoy time with your family right in your own backyard! And here in East Tennessee, we have an AMAZING backyard! Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get any better than the Smoky Mountains!

You make the family rules of your staycation –  how much you spend, how often you eat at home or out, and where you spend the day! You can even have a “NO INTERNET” policy (you can just picture the kids faces on that one LOL.) Discuss as a family what you want your staycation to look like, and book it!

Your staycation is the perfect time to hit some of those bucket list items some items whether you have kids or you’re just hanging out with your spouse.

Less stress, less spending, and more fun! Can you imagine??? We can!