Take Advantage of Thanksgiving Friday. Spend the Day Riding this Mountain Coaster!

Thanksgiving Day is a time for family, food, football, and good times. But, then what are you going to do the next day? Many people have the day off, giving them a four-day weekend. If you are using yours to sit around looking at each other complaining about how everyone ate too much or drank too much, you are wasting time. That time that could be much better spent zooming through the fresh, crisp air on your way down the mountainside on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster.

Open on the Day After Thanksgiving

That’s right – we are one of the few attractions in Gatlinburg that is always open for business on Black Friday. Whether you are looking for a break from all that shopping or trying to find something fun for the whole family, come on out to one of the most popular attractions in Gatlinburg. Come rain, shine, or snow, the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is always open for thrills.

In the winter, we never let a little snow, or even a lot of snow, shut us down. Riding down the side of the mountainside in single or two-person carts while the snow is coming down is probably one of the best times of the year to be here. The coaster is virtually silent from the top all the way to bottom. All you will hear is the sound of the air rushing by your head as the snow tends to put a blanket of silence on the world.

The Scenery Is to Die For

The day after Thanksgiving is the perfect time to ride the coaster and see what the Great Smoky Mountains look like – either with a few remaining fall colors hanging onto the tree branches, or, if you’re lucky, covered in a virtually undisturbed layer of snow. Be sure you bring your camera with you on your ride. This coaster has yet another secret up its sleeve; you are in complete control of how fast you go down the mountain. Each of the carts has a handbrake that lets you control your speed.

You can take your time on the way down, stop and take a couple of quick photos before going the rest of the way down. The photos you take may be among the best shots you will ever take as the Smokies are unbelievably beautiful at this time of the year.

Be sure you bring the kids; they can ride with an adult in the two-seat carts and are sure to have an absolute blast riding down the mountain! Best of all, once you pay full price for your ticket to ride during the day, you can ride the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster at night for a significantly reduced price. This Thanksgiving, why not give the stores and crowds a break, and bring the whole family out to visit one of the most popular attractions in Gatlinburg. Come out and spend the day enjoying the brisk air, the incredible scenery, and each other’s company “far from the madding crowds.”