Most Thrills Per Minute – That’s the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster!

It’s fairly reasonable to assume you booked your holiday in the Smoky Mountains because of the many attractions in Gatlinburg, TN and other areas. The natural beauty, the amazing restaurants, the museums and shows, the shopping, the history, the golfing and fishing…the list goes on and on. Yet, if you are looking for the most thrilling of attractions in Gatlinburg, TN it has to be the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster.

A Roller Coaster on a Mountain?

Before you panic and envision a soaring roller coaster sitting atop a gorgeous mountain, let us explain. The mountain coaster is actually built on the slopes of the mountain and uses its drops, rolling hills, and bends to create a ride far more thrilling than a standard roller coaster. Even more exciting is the fact that this mountain coaster lets you be in charge of the driving.

As one of the more adventurous attractions in Gatlinburg, TN, the mountain coaster does actually put the rider in charge. There are one or two passenger carts available, and each runs silently and is controlled using a system of hand brakes. This means you can leave the brakes open and rocket down the mountain as fast as possible, but if you prefer a more gliding and coasting experience, you can also apply the brakes to slow your pace.

However, if you are a fan of thrills and chills, then you can’t beat the “thrills per minute” you get to enjoy on the mountain coaster.

Do You Have to Climb to the Top?

Of course, the thrills could be diminished if you knew you had an hour or so of steep hiking ahead of you, but as one of the most family-friendly attractions in Gatlinburg, TN, the mountain coaster actually runs a motorized lift that gives you an enjoyable ride all of the way to the top. You will marvel at the views – no matter what time of year you pay a visit – because it gives you a bird’s eye view of all of the other sights and attractions in Gatlinburg, TN far below.

Passengers are required to be over 38″ in height, and no one under the age of three can ride. Kids less than 56″ in total height will also have to ride with an adult or appropriately sized driver. It is entirely safe thanks to the design of the tracks and the carts, and if you are particularly eager to get a thrill, you can take your trip down the mountain after dark!

With sunset and after dark rides, the mountain coaster is a perfect date night, family night, group activity or innovative way to partake of one of the most interesting attractions in Gatlinburg, TN. Open all year, it is definitely something you won’t soon forget, and certainly an activity most are eager to repeat – even as they reach the bottom of the mountain after their very first ride!

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