What’s Better than a Selfie? A Professional Photo Taken on the Ride!

By now you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Pictures or it didn’t happen!” a million times. But then who goes on vacation or their honeymoon without a camera? One of the great things about Gatlinburg attractions is that they all tend to be great places to take pictures and to have your picture taken. To make things even better, the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg is more than just a roller coaster; it’s a scenic ride down the mountainside that you get to control.

Take Your Time and Enjoy the Ride

At most Gatlinburg attractions, the operators and the rides themselves are responsible for the speed at which the ride operates. For instance, standard roller coasters start with a slow, noisy climb to the top of the first drop. Then, once the brakes are released, you plummet towards the ground and the first turn or twist at maximum speed. The only thing in control of the speed is the design of the track and gravity. Certainly not much chance of taking photos here and even if you could they would probably come out blurry.

The mountain coaster in Gatlinburg puts you in control of your speed from the moment you start out. After the climb to the top, there are no noisy brakes or chain drive; you simply leave the pinnacle and begin your drop down the mountainside. Using the brakes, you control your speed all the way down. This lets you take plenty of photographs to show everyone how much fun you were having on your vacation, honeymoon or weekend trip.

We’ve Got You Covered

While there is nothing wrong with taking lots of photos on your way down the track, imagine how nice it would be if you had one very “special” photograph you could frame and put on your desk or the wall in your office. At some point on your way down, we have taken a professional photograph of you riding our coaster.

Once your rides for the day are over, don’t forget to check out all the goodies in our gift shop. Make sure you visit the smiling person working behind the photo viewing desk and ask to see your photo. Each photo is taken by a professional photographer to ensure quality. The cost of your first copy is only $11, and you can buy as many extra copies as you want for only $8 each.

Why settle for blurry selfies taken on the way down with your cell phone when you don’t have to? Using your cell phone to take selfies when you aren’t moving can produce some excellent photographs, but when you are flying along the tracks of one of the popular Gatlinburg attractions, not so much. You are more likely to lose your phone than end up with a decent picture.

Our photo system uses top-quality professional cameras to ensure they produce the highest possible quality photographs. So, the next time you tell people you spent the day at the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg and someone says, “Pictures or it didn’t happen!,” you have a great photograph to pro