Your Moment in the Spotlight Could Be Just Minutes Away – Read on for a Chance to Be Featured on Instagram

Pretty much everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, but writing a viral post or getting caught on camera is a lot more difficult than it seems. Why not take matters into your hands and create the perfect social media coaster moment? At the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg, we are here to help, and all you need is your phone, an Instagram account, and a ticket! With the option to take multiple rides, including our famous No-Brakes Night Ride, all your friends will be commenting on your amazing experience.   

Find the Right Backdrop for Your Social Media Coaster Moment

There are plenty of photo opportunities on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster and we suggest you snap away and tag us @gburgmtncoaster and #GatlinburgCoaster. We scour Instagram for pictures that we’re tagged in and feature our favorites on our homepage! Snap a selfie at our sign once you have arrived and head to the uphill lift system to proceed to the start of the ride. With our lift, there is no climbing or difficult walks, making the coaster accessible for a variety of ages and abilities.

Control Your Speed on the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

As you ascend, Gatlinburg will fall beneath you and the Smoky Mountains will open up, with range after range visible as you near the top. The start of the ride features a panorama of the Smokies that will have you snapping away.

A unique feature of the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg is that because it runs entirely on gravity, there is no need for noisy lift chains that connect carriages to each other. This means you descend in your own one- or two-person carriage, which has the added feature of its own hand-brake. This makes the mountain coaster in Gatlinburg quite unique!

Want to go live as you hurtle downhill at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour? Don’t touch that hand-brake and keep your phone steady! Want to stop, straighten your hair, and get that perfect coaster selfie? Just apply the brakes and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Smokies before sailing to the bottom. You may even see deer, birds, or other forest creatures.

The Mountain Coaster in Gatlinburg is Unforgettable at Night

Not happy with your first attempt at creating a social media coaster moment? A second ride is only eight bucks or you can buy passes for unlimited rides for an hour or day. Take advantage of better lighting during the day and then return for a Night Ride, when braking is forbidden and we turn on bright fairy lights above parts of the ride. Your followers will definitely comment as you zoom in and out of tunnels of light into total darkness and scream the entire way! Book online now and bypass the line upon your arrival, and do not forget to tag us in your posts…you may end up on our homepage, or featured on our Instagram!